Package org.resilientedge.jockey.peerbridge

Interface Summary
PBApplication Represents an application in a specific peer network framework.
PBDirectory A directory that provides browse capability for a peer network.
PBDirectoryListener A listener that is called when peers and groups are discovered, finds are started, completed, or timed out.
PBEntityManager This is a cache manager object that remembers entities discovered on the network, so that they can be referenced later.
PBMessage Represents a message transmitted or received from the peer network Subclasses must provide translation from PBABI standard message to a native message for a particular peer framework.
PBMessageObserver Interface that informs a sender when a response or message has been sent or cancelled.
PBMessenger The PBMessenger is responsible for transmitting messages (generic, requests, replies) from the peer network.
PBNetManager PBNetManager is the interface that should be implemented by an object that provides an interface to a particular peer network.
PBPeer Represents a peer on the network
PBPeerEntity Represents a peer entity (peers, groups) on the network
PBPeerGroup A definition of a group within a network that performs the join, leave, create and delete.

Class Summary
PBAbstractDirectory Provides peer/peer group discovery.
PBAbstractMessage Base PBMessage class
PBAbstractMessenger Exchanges messages (fire-and-forget, requests, replies) with the peer network.
PBAbstractNetManager Establishes an identity on the peer network, and provides access to discover peer network entities and communicate with them.
PBAbstractPeer Base class for peers
PBAbstractPeerEntity Base class for peer entities (peers, groups)
PBAbstractPeerGroup Base class for groups
PBFindMarker Marks a current find query for status inqueries.
PBNet A definition of a peer network; one instance per peer network implementation.
PBNetManagerFactory Handles basic peer network management; addition, removal, and retrieval of peer networks.
PBReceiveMarker Identifies a message that is being received.
PBResponseMarker Identifies a response that is being waited on after a request was sent.
PBSendMarker Identifies a message that is currently being sent to another peer.

Exception Summary
PBCommunicationException The exception thrown when a communication error occurs.
PBSecurityViolationException The exception thrown when a security constraint has been violated.

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