Package org.resilientedge.jockey.peer

Interface Summary
MessageBroker The MessageBroker enables an application to send messages, requests and replies to other apps.
MessageListener Listens for messages,requests, and replies received from other peers, and the progress of messages currently being received and sent.
PeerNetworkBrowser The PeerNetworkBrowser enables an application to locate other peers, groups, and perform group actions (create, delete, join, leave).
PeerNetworkListener A listener that is informed when searches have started and completed, and when peers or groups are discovered.

Class Summary
AppDescriptor Provides information about an application
AppToken Represents a app, either a local session or remote device.
Authority This class represents an entity which may have some specific permissions on the peer network.
Credentials Represents a user credential.
DeviceDescriptor This class serves as a repository of information about a peer device.
FindMarker Represents a find query that is currently running or recently completed.
PeerGroupDescriptor Describes a group that already exists or a group desired to be created.
PeerGroupToken A representation of a group that exists on the peer network.
PeerMessage Represents a message received or being sent by a peer.
PeerNetwork Represents a type of peer network that the platform can communicate with.
PeerPlatform The PeerPlatform is the primary entry point for an application to create and end sessions, add and remove credentials, and obtain access to defaults.
PeerPlatformFactory The PeerPlatformFactory manages implementations of peer platforms.
PeerToken Represents a peer, either a local session or remote device.
PlatformInfo Represents information about the local platform, including available networks it can communicate with and the status of the platform.
ReceiveMarker Represents a message that is currently being received but not completed.
ResponseMarker Represents a response that is being sent or received.
SendMarker Identifies a message that is currently being sent to another peer.

Exception Summary
CommunicationException Base exception for the peer messaging exceptions.
PeerUnavailableException The exception thrown when an attempt to communicate to a peer has failed.
RequestTimeoutException Exception that indicates a timeout has occurred while waiting for a reply to be received from a request.
SecurityViolationException An exception that indicates a security violation has occurred during the current request.

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