Package com.resilientedge.util.logger

Interface Summary
Filter A Filter is used to regulate the levels of log records that are logged.
Handler A Handler object recieves a log record from a Logger.
LevelConstants Title: Description: Copyright: Copyright (c) 2001 Company:
LoggerInterface This interface is an afterthought.
LoggingType This defines the interface for a specific Logging Type categorization (i.e., Level or Type).
LogRecord LogRecord objects are used to pass logging requests between the Logger and individual Handlers.

Class Summary
AbstractHandler This abstract class provides the core Handler attributes and behavior.
Formatter A Formatter is used to format log records.
Level Contains static logging Levels and provides conversion methods.
LevelFilter A LevelFilter is a filter that establishes a minimum loggable level.
Logger This class defines the basic behavior for a Logger.
LoggerWorker A LoggerWorker object represents a unit of logging work that is to be performed asynchronously.
MemoryHandler A Handler for logging messages to the Memory.
PrintWriterLogAdapter An adapter that pipes all incoming data to a specific log topic and level.
SimpleLogger Concrete implementation of a general purpose Logger.
SimpleLogRecord This class is an general implementation of a LogRecord.
Topic Contains static logging Topics and provides a method to obtain the Topic's name.
TopicLevelFilter A filter designed to restrict logging based on a level and topic.
ZFilterTest Unit Test for the Filter implementations
ZLevelTest Unit Test for the Level Class
ZMemoryHandlerTest Unit Test for the MemoryHandler Class
ZSimpleLoggerTest Unit Test for the SimpleLogger Class
ZSimpleLogRecordTest Unit Test for the SimpleLogRecord Class
ZTopicTest Unit Test for the Topic Class

Exception Summary
LoggerException This class is for general exceptions occuring in the Logger sub-system.
LoggerIOException Throw a LoggerIOException when a Logger's Handler encounters an IO problem.
UnknownLogTypeException Throw an UnknownLogTypeException when an unknown Log Type (i.e., Level, Topic) value is encountered.

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