Use Case ID: UC13.0
Use Case Name: Create Peer Group
Created by: jwh
Date Created: Thu Jul 19 16:31:06 2001
Last Updated by: jwh
Date Last Updated: Thu Jul 19 16:31:06 2001

Actor: User Application

Goal: Create a new Peer Group

Description: Creates a new peer group that can be joined by other peers.


  1. The engine must be started.
Post conditions:
  1. The peer group is available for joining.
Priority: High

Related Use Cases:

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UC12.0 - Leave Peer Group
UC14.0 - Delete Peer Group

Notes and Issues:


Event Flow:

  1. The application creates a peer group descriptor.
  2. The application requests that the engine create a peer group using the descriptor.
  3. The engine creates the peer group using the descriptor.
  4. The engine informs the application that the peer group was created.
Alternate Flows:

UC13.1 Engine is not started

  1. The application requests the engine to create a group.
  2. The engine returns an error that the it has not been started.

Sequence Diagrams:

Event Flow Sequence Diagram

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