Use Case ID: UC10.0
Use Case Name: Cancel Find
Created by: jwh
Date Created: Thu Jul 19 14:52:59 2001
Last Updated by: jwh
Date Last Updated: Thu Jul 19 14:52:59 2001

Actor: User Application

Goal: Cancel a find for peers or peer groups.

Description: Requests a query for peers or peer groups to be cancelled and future replies to be ignored.


  1. The engine must be started.
Post conditions:


Priority: High

Related Use Cases:

UC4.0 - Find Network Peers
UC5.0 - Find Network Peers (Async)
UC7.0 - Find Network Peer Groups
UC8.0 - Find Network Peer Groups (Async)

Notes and Issues:


Event Flow:

  1. The application performs the standard find (see related use cases)
  2. The application cancels the search.
  3. The engine cancels the search and ignores any future responses to the query.
  4. The application performs any post-query cleanup (see related use cases).
Alternate Flows:

UC10.1 Engine is not started

  1. The application registers to be informed when peer groups are found.
  2. The application asks the engine to find all available peer groups
  3. The engine returns an error that the it has not been started.
  4. The application removes its registration to listen for found peers groups.

Sequence Diagrams:

Event Flow Sequence Diagram

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